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Today: Sat 24th August, 2019

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The Energy Regulation Board (ERB) largely contributes to national development through regulation of the energy sector in the country. The energy sector has been growing in the past decade and therefore the scope of the ERB’s regulatory role has also been broadened and deepened to ensure quality provision of energy services and products. 

The ERB has developed the Strategic Plan for the period 2014 – 2016, taking into account the dynamics and changes that have taken place in the energy sector over the last five years.

The main thrust of the ERB during the Strategic Plan period will be to achieve 80 % compliance by all licensed entities to the technical standards for energy infrastructure, and to attain cost reflective tariffs and margins for improved viability in the energy sector. 

In this regard, I am delighted that the Board will endeavour to effectively and efficiently monitor the performance of licensed entities; ensure efficient and cost effective supply of energy services and products; enforce mechanisms for complaints handling and protection of energy consumers; and promote collaboration with Government agencies.

I have no doubt that the strategies proposed in the Strategic Plan once implemented, will ensure the efficient provision of reliable and quality energy services and products thereby enabling ERB attain its Vision of being a proactive and firm energy regulator. I wish to call upon all stakeholders to take ownership of this plan and actively participate in its implementation.

Energy Regulation Board 
September, 2014

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