The Energy Regulation Board (ERB) is scheduled to host the Fifth Energy Media Awards in December, 2022. The ERB, therefore, invites local journalists to submit published/featured energy related articles, stories and reports for consideration for the awards.


Journalists may submit pieces of work in any of the following categories:

MediaSub- MediaAwardSuitabilityEvaluation Criteria
PrintNewspapersBest Energy Newspaper Article of the YearFeatures/articles published in newspapers1. Reporting information, fairness, balance, timelinessand accuracy 2. Transparency, presenting a clear understanding, depth and quality 3. Production quality andcreativity
  ElectronicRadioBest Energy Radio feature of the YearRadio programmes/features produced and aired on either National or Community radios
TelevisionBest Energy Television Programme of the YearTelevised programmes including documentaries, discussions and news articles

All three awards shall have 1st and 2nd prize, respectively.


In the event of further enquiries please contact:

ERB Head Office
Plot No. 9330, Danny Pule Road (Off Alick Nkhata Road)
P.O. Box 37631, Lusaka 10101, Zambia
Tel: +260-211-258844 – 9
Fax: +260-211-258852
Toll Free Line: 8484

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