Request for Public Comments on The Revised Draft Zambian Standards DZS 418: 2024 – Electrical Safety Code – Code of Practice – Part 1 and Part 2

The Energy Regulation Board (ERB) is a statutory body responsible for regulating the energy sector and derives its mandate from the Energy Regulation Act No.12 of 2019.

The Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) is a statutory body established under an Act of Parliament, the Standards Act of 2017 for the development and promulgation of national standards for Zambia.

The ERB in collaboration with ZABS and other stakeholders has undertaken a revision of the following Zambian Standard (ZS) for electrical safety in the Electricity Supply Industry (ESI) in Zambia:

ZS 418 – 1: 2013: Electrical Safety Code – Code of Practice – Part 1: Construction, installation and commissioning rules

ZS 418 – 2: 2013: Electrical Safety Code – Code of Practice – Part 2: Operations and maintenance

The standards cover the rules for practical safeguarding of persons, animals, infrastructure and the environment from the hazards arising from the construction, installation, commissioning, operations and maintenance of electrical systems. Specifically, Part 1 prescribes safety rules related to construction, installation, and commissioning of electricity infrastructure while Part 2 provides safety requirements in operations and maintenance of electrical systems.

The revision has been necessitated largely by the need to address deficiencies in the current standard and align it to new legislation promulgated in 2019.

This notice serves to invite the public, interested and affected parties to submit comments on the above Revised draft Zambian Standard, DZS 418:2024 – Electrical Safety Code – Code of Practice Part 1 And Part 2. Copies of the draft revised standard can be obtained from the ERB and/or ZABS offices at the addresses indicated below. Further, draft electronic copies may also be downloaded from the links below.

Draft Zambian Standard DZS 418-1: 2024

Draft Zambian Standard DZS 418-2: 2024

Public Enquiry Comment Form

Comments on the draft should be submitted to the Director General, ERB or the Executive Director, ZABS no later than Monday 26th August, 2024.


For clarifications or details, please contact the Energy Regulation Board at:

Head Office
Plot No. 9330 Dan Pule Road, Mass Media
P.O. Box 37631, Lusaka
Tel: +260 211 258845-49
Copperbelt Office
Plot 332 Independence Avenue
P.O. Box 22281
Tel: +260 212 220944 
Southern Region Office
P.O. Box 60292, Livingstone
Tel: +260 213 321562-3
Northern Region Office
Plot No. 2623, Lunzua Road, Kasama
Tel: +260 977 104272

Toll Free Line:    8484


or contact the Zambia Bureau of Standards at:

Head Office

Lechwe House, Freedom Way – South End,

P. O. Box 50259, Lusaka

Tel: +260 211 231385