Energy Saving Tips

We have put together a list of tips for conserving energy in your home, and therefore saving you money. Download the ful list of 69 tips, and in the meantime, here’s a few to get you started:

  • Turn the geyser thermostat down to a lower temperature. 60 degrees is recommended.
  • Use the shower rather than bathtub.
  • Let the sun shine in. Allow sunlight into your house or office and thereby eliminate the need to switch on the lights during day time.
  • Switch off the lights when no one is in the room.
  • Compare cooking times in a micro wave with the stove, oven, steam cooker or even charcoal and choose the most economical source. For example, if you are cooking several items, a microwave might not be economical.
  • When boiling water, boil only as much as you need and don’t fill the kettle with unnecessary water or keep the extra boiled water in a flask to use later.
  • Let hot foods cool before putting them in the fridge.