Public Notice – Update of Contact Information for Licensed Entities

The Energy Regulation Board (ERB) wishes to inform all licensed entities and Energy Sector Stakeholders that is it updating the contact information of all its licensees. This exercise aims to streamline communication channels and ensure efficient correspondence between the ERB and licensed entities within the energy sector.

In this regard, the ERB kindly requests all licensed entities to submit the following information no

later than 15th May 2024:

  1. Name of Contact Person(s)
  2. Name of company
  3. Physical Address of Registered Office
  4. Phone Number(s)
  5. Email addresses(es)

Please submit the requested information to this email: ld@erbhq.local.

In accordance with the Energy Regulation Act No. 12 of 2019 as read together with Statutory Instrument No. 41 of 2023, you are required as a Licence Holder to strictly adhere to your licence conditions to provide any information that the ERB may reasonably require for purposes of exercising its mandate.

Please note that failure to provide accurate and complete information within the specified timeframe, may result in delays or difficulties in communicating important regulatory information relating to your licence.

For further details on Licensing and other energy matters, please contact the ERB on +260 211 25884-9, Toll Free Line 8484 or email


Namukolo Kasumpa (Mrs.)

Manager-Public Relations


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