Request for Public Comments on Draft Zambian Standard: DZS 1261: 2023 Petroleum Customer Quality of Service Standard

The Energy Regulation Board (ERB) is a statutory body responsible for regulating the energy sector and derives its mandate from the Energy Regulation Act No.12 of 2019.

The Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) is the statutory national standards body established under an Act of Parliament, the Standards Act No. 4 of 2017 for the preparation and promulgation of Zambian Standards.

Section 4(h) of the Energy Regulation Act provides that the ERB in collaboration with the Zambia Bureau of Standards, design standards with regard to the quality, safety and reliability of the supply of energy. In this regard, the ERB in consultation with ZABS and other stakeholders have developed the standard:

DZS 1261:2023 Petroleum Customer Quality of Service Standard.

This Draft Zambian Standard outlines the minimum requirements for measuring the quality of service provided by petroleum service stations in Zambia. It is also intended to give the Regulator a common basis for evaluating quality of customer service when monitoring the performance of licensees on an ongoing basis. In addition, the standard provides timelines in which different customer complaints from the petroleum sub-sector will be resolved by licensees.

This notice serves to invite the public, interested and affected parties to submit comments on the abovementioned Draft Zambian Standard. Copies of the draft standards can be obtained from the ERB and/or ZABS offices at the addresses indicated below. Further, draft electronic copies may also be downloaded from the ERB website at Draft Standard DZS 1261:2023.

Stakeholders wishing to respond to the ‘call for public comments’ should follow the three steps below:

Step 1

Download the Draft Standard DZS 1261:2023 (Draft for Public Comments) and the Public Enquiry Comment Form (SDF.SP-008) from the ERB website at Public Enquiry Comment Form or physically from the ERB or ZABS offices.

Then, respond to the ‘call for public comments’ as described in Step 2 and Step 3 below.

Step 2

Please fill your comments or proposed changes in the Public Enquiry Comment Form that you downloaded in Step 1.

The following is a quick guide on how you could use the Public Enquiry Comment Form to provide your comments or proposed changes:

  1. In the first column of the Public Enquiry Comment Form, identify the Clause Number or Sub-clause Number of the Draft Standard on which you have a comment or proposed change;
  2. In the second column, identify the Paragraph, Figure or Table on which you have a comment or proposed change;
  3. In the third column, indicate the type of comment or proposed change you would like to make. Indicate te for technical, ge for general or ed for editorial comments;
  4. In the fourth column, give a reason for your comment or proposed change (Justification for change); and
  5. Finally in column five, indicate the proposed change.

Step 3

Upon completion of filling in the Public Enquiry Comment Form with all your comments or proposed changes, kindly submit the Form to the Director General, ERB or the Executive Director ZABS no later than 25th August 2023 to the following addresses: