Road fuel tankers are authorised to drive daily

The Energy Regulation Board (ERB) wishes to advise that there are no restrictions on which days of the week Road (Fuel) Tank vehicles are allowed to move in order to guarantee security of supply and avoid fuel shortages in the country.

This follows inquiries received by the ERB that some stakeholders were restricting Road Fuel Tanker movements on Sunday, 16th August 2020, supposedly that some fuel tankers were not permitted to transport fuel on Sundays. Contrary to that position, the ERB hereby wishes to clarify that Road Tank Vehicles (Road Fuel Tankers) are in fact allowed to move on all the days of the week.

However, Road Tank Vehicles are not allowed to move between 18:00 hours to 06:00 hours for safety reasons. This is provided for in Clause 6.2.2 (G) of the Zambian Standard ZS 372: Transportation of Petroleum Products and Operational Requirements for Road Tank Vehicles – Code of Practice. It is worth noting that this restriction may be waived for a specific period by the regulator in the event of exceptional circumstances such as fuel shortages.

Stakeholders and players in the petroleum supply chain are hereby guided to allow unrestricted passage to Road Fuel Tankers on public roads on all days including Sundays, within the prescribed period of movement (06:00hrs to 18:00hrs) in order to not comprise security of supply. The ERB will soon engage other agencies on the relevant provisions on movement of road tank vehicles to ensure consistent application of the applicable guidelines.

In the event of uncertainty, members of the public are advised to contact the ERB on the Toll Free line 8484 or visit any of our offices in Lusaka, Kitwe, Livingstone and Chinsali.