Strategic Business Plan

This Strategic Business Plan outlines the aspirations and priorities of the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) in the short to medium term. These priorities are delineated into strategic objectives in order to address the breadth of the organization’s mandate. This Strategic Business Plan spans a four year period from 2018-2021 and is structured in the Balanced Scorecard Framework.

As a regulator, our ultimate goal is to balance and safeguard the interests of all energy stakeholders in a manner that facilitates sustainable energy development for socio-economic transformation. Like an eagle we are determined to remain focused on our role, and show strength and dynamism in discharging our regulatory mandate.

Our main thrust during the Strategic Business Plan (SBP) period will be to achieve a minimum of 90% compliance to the technical standards for energy infrastructure, minimum of 95% compliance to petroleum products quality standards, and minimum of 73% compliance to electricity quality standards by all licensed entities, and to attain cost reflective tariffs and margins for improved viability in the energy sector. The Energy Regulation Act, Cap 436 of the Laws of Zambia stipulates specific functional areas of focus and related expectations.

This SBP therefore integrates these obligations, stipulations and functions into priority areas and discusses how these are going to address the overall mandate of the organization within the timeframe specified.