Wider Stakeholder Consultation on Draft-3 Net Metering Regulations, 2024

The Energy Regulation Board (ERB) hereby invites all the Zambia electricity supply industry stakeholders and the general public to participate in the process of developing the Electricity (Net Metering) Regulations, 2024 (“Net Metering Regulations”) by way of submitting comments or proposing amendments to the current Draft-3 Net Metering Regulations, 2024.

Download Background of the Net Metering Regulations

Full details for participating are provided below, in section 1 and 2, as follows:


A stakeholder wishing to respond to the consultation should follow the four steps below:

Step 1
Register as a respondent by emailing to the ERB the following message: “[Name of your institution or personal name] would like to participate in the consultation process for developing the Net Metering Regulations”.

  • Email the message to hngwale@erb.org.zm and mark a copy to smwiinga@erb.org.zm;
  • Email the message as soon as you decide to participate in the consultation process
  • In your message, include your contact mobile phone number;
  • We are asking stakeholders to register and provide contact details so that if we need to explore your comment or proposal further, we can contact you.


Step 2
Download the Draft-3 Net Metering Regulations, 2024 and the Response Form.

  • The Draft-3 Net Metering Regulations, 2024 can be downloaded here: Download (125KB, word);
  • The Response Form can be downloaded here: Download (46KB, word).
  • Then, respond to the consultation as described in Step-3 and Step-4 below.


Step 3
Please fill your comments or proposed amendments in the Response Form that you downloaded in Step-2.

  • The following is a quick guide on how you could use the Response Form to provide your comments:
  • In the first column of the Response Form, identify the section of the Draft-3 Net Metering Regulation 2024 where you have a comment or proposal;
  • In the second column, note the words which you wish to comment on;
  • Then, if for example, you have correction words or a preferred specification, please insert these in the third column;


Finally, in the fourth column:

  • Give reason for your proposed amendment; and/or
  • Describe the issue. If the matter is a minor typographical, punctuation or spelling issue; just use “T”, otherwise explain why you think your words or proposed specifications are better. If you do not want to suggest words or have a totally new suggestion, leave column 3 blank and just explain the issue in the fourth column.


Step 4
After you complete filling up the Response Form with all your comments or proposed amendments, submit the Response Form as follows:

Send, to be received no later than 17:30 hours CAT on 28th February 2024, a signed copy of your filled up Response Form to the following ERB office-bearer and postal address:

The Director – Technical Regulation,
Energy Regulation Board,
Plot No. 9330, Danny Pule Road, Off Alick Nkhata Road,
P.O. Box 37631,
Lusaka – 10101.


Email, no later than 17:30 hours CAT on 28th February 2024, your filled up copy of the Response Form to:
hngwale@erb.org.zm, with a copy to apolito@erb.org.zm and smwiinga@erb.org.zm.

Please note:
We have attached the Draft-2 Net Metering Regulations, 2023 (Consultant’s draft) for your information and reference only. The substantive draft you may comment is Draft-3 Net Metering Regulation, 2024.



  • Consultation Opens on Tuesday, 20th February 2024.
  • Consultation Closes on Wednesday, 28th February 2024.
  • An open, online three-hour session (10:00 to 13:00) will be held on Monday 4th March 2024 with the respondents to briefly discuss their submissions that may be open to debate